No Binge Viewing on Amazon? Inside Details on ‘Alpha House,’ New Political Comedy for Fall

TheWrap TV:

Jonathan Alter, the former Newsweek columnist and author who is executive producer of the new Amazon show with “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau, told TheWrap that “Alpha House” would have a different streaming model than Netflix.

Asked if Amazon would put the whole season up at once, Alter told TheWrap: “No. It hasn’t been entirely determined how they’ll put it out. But it will be a different model” than the one used by Netflix.

The good news is that Amazon is not drinking the Netflix kool-aid on this. As I’ve noted previously, though I think there’s lots of room for innovation in this area I do not think “releasing everything at once” is good business (nor do I think it’s best for consumers).

The bad news is, based on the pilots for Alpha House  and a few others I caught, Amazon does not have anything great to work with here.


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