The Philadelphia Phillies and the NCAA are a bunch of jerks

Barry Petchesky of Deadspin aggregates/opines:

Oregon State pitcher Ben Wetzler has been suspended since the start of college baseball season.The NCAA is investigating whether he retained the services of an agent to negotiate with the Phillies, who drafted him in the fifth round in 2013 but were unable to sign him. Now it seems the Phillies have snitched on him, so that if he won’t play for them, he can’t play his senior year of college either.

Aaron Fitt of Baseball America is all over this story (the Phillies also reportedly tattled on sixth-round pick Jason Monda, who was cleared by the NCAA last week), and it’s despicable on multiple levels.

If this were Twitter I’d say #everythingisterrible but seeing as it’s a blog, I’ll instead say: college athletes are completely screwed and nobody is looking out for them, and it’s pathetic. And as a secondary point: all Philadelphia sports teams are disdainful.

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