Community is dead and it should stay dead.

If you’re miserable about the cancellation of CommunityTodd VanDerWerff lays out how it could live again. But if you’re like me, you’re perfectly happy to say goodbye to a show that went from great to sporadically good. Sure, another season (or a movie) could be awesome. But it’s a lot more likely that it would continue to suffer from the gradual decay that is almost inevitable for a show like Community that thrives on novelty, bucking expectations, and subverting the cliches that are part-and-parcel of any long-running network sitcom. Let the writers, producers, directors, cast and crew move on and help make fun new stuff.

Why Fox’s Kevin Reilly Is Canceling Pilot Season

As rival networks spend the first weeks of May hurriedly deciding on a fall schedule, Reilly already has a pretty good idea of what Fox’s new lineup will look like. “Rather than make 20 things and throw them at the wall and hope you get 6 that maybe feel like keepers, why not focus?” he says. “At a time when consumer behavior is changing, to have a business where a manufacturing process hasn’t really changed in a fundamental way for almost 40 years — that seems insane to me.”

The concept of “pilot season” does seem like an odd and inefficient use of resources. Fox (along with its cable counterpart, FX) is doing some interesting stuff behind the scenes of the TV business.