US loses to Portugal, 2-2

Roger Bennett, writing for ESPN FC:

As the smoke clears from a tingling night in the jungle of Manaus, unpredictable enough to make the opening scene of “Apocalypse Now” appear sane, America’s team are very much alive. But they must travel to the unforgiving heat of Recife to face a talent-rich German side, knowing they missed a glaring opportunity to provide the nation with a memory which could have existed in the Great American Sports Pantheon alongside the Miracle on Ice, Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary and Montana to Clark.

America is learning, the hard way, what it’s like to be a real soccer nation. It’s excruciating at times, but it’s pretty fun, too. We’ve shown some serious growing pains, especially on the defensive end, but that’s to be expected from a team full of youngsters (with a smattering of players on the down slope of their careers). Now let’s go out there on Thursday and beat Germany.