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The Winter of Weird Al [link]

Steven Hyden, for Grantland:

In the past, Weird Al’s timing was perhaps his greatest asset. Right when the culture seemed to be tiring of a particular song or artist, the Weird Al parody would appear. It was the sign of an artist reaching “we love you, but we also can’t stand you” stardom. But that timing now seems rather, well, sluggish, and this has caused Weird Al to drift back into a crowded field. Now that the release of Mandatory Fun completes Yankovic’s record contract, it seems wise to explore more expedient alternatives.

When I asked Yankovic if it still made sense for him to make albums in the future, he was eager to steer the conversation back to the record he had already made and was trying to promote. But in spite of the hemming and hawing, he was pretty clear about what’s next.

“I don’t want to draw any hard lines in the sand, because I’d like to leave all my options open, but I’m feeling like this is probably my last conventional album,” he said.

I think it was Richard Nixon who said “if you’ve lost Weird Al, you’ve lost the traditional music sales model.”


It’s been a while since their last album, which I loved but lots of people hated. After years of “Bloc Party might be breaking up”, here they are again with a new set of songs. Bloc Party is streaming its upcoming album on their weird, overdesigned, inscrutable website. Very excited to listen to this and see them live in a few weeks.

Project Alpha 41

Another remix today, AND another mashup today. And the best part is they’re both Biggie jams! First the remix, by our old friends Ratatat. I have nothing to say about this except that it involves a bubble goose and a lot of obscenity, and it may be Ratatat’s best remix work. Here you go: Party and Bullshit (Ratatat Remix)

And second, here’s a mashup that pretty much epitomizes the phrase “guilty pleasure”. It combines the aforementioned “Party and Bullshit” with, well, let’s just say that Miley Cyrus is involved. Check it out, internet: Party and Bullshit in the USA

Tomorrow: best. mashup. ever.

Unrelated Postscript: Archer is funny. It’s deeply obscene, irreverent, and morally bankrupt. And the son from Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist voices the protagonist. It’s the closest thing we have to Arrested Development, at least until Dayman returns. You should probably be watching it, friends.

Project Alpha 40

Whoops. I swear I didn’t forget about you guys. Although I totally did. But let’s not dwell on that, let’s dwell on today’s song, which is a remix involving the Beastie Boys. The incomparable Fatboy Slim puts on a hell of a mediocre live show. But, more relevant, he is good at repurposing other people’s work (examples A, B, and C). So anyway, here’s his remix of “Body Movin'”: Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Mix)

Project Alpha 22

Aw crap, I’m late! Sorry, folks. Anyway, today’s song is a bit of a cheat and is only marginally related to yesterday’s post. It’s remix week over here and rather than start with a legitimate remix I’ve decided to just give you an awesome song that has “remix” in the title. I mean, it is a remix, but it’s not one of those things where someone records a song and then, later on, somebody else chops it up and releases a remix. Here, the remix is the artist’s own extension of the original, and seems to have been part of the plan from the beginning.

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