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The moral imperative to stop watching pro football

Forget, for the moment, about concussions, slurs against Native Americans, corporate greed, non-guaranteed contracts, and all the other ways the NFL has tried to make itself persona non grata among right-thinking people. Here’s one more reason – reason enough on its own to justify quitting watching football cold turkey:

It’s been well-established that NFL leadership doesn’t give a shit about women, but with newly-released footage of Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee in the face prior to being gently wrist-slapped with a two-game suspension, one has to wonder: do NFL fans give a shit about women?

To be clear, this is footage that the NFL either saw, or lied about seeing, prior to announcing Ray Rice’s joke of a punishment. This is repugnant, outrageous behavior, and it’s no longer enough for fans to merely express their disgust. We need to make our disgust felt through actions, starting with finding another way to spend our Sundays.

Supporting NFL football is insane/immoral

This is a great interview and I highly encourage you to read it:

At 8:30 pm E.S.T., the NFL jumpstarts its ninety-fifth season with a donnybrook between the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and America’s sweetheart hunk of cheddar, the Green Bay Packers. More than 20 million viewers will tune in tonight, and more than 100 million will catch a game over the opening weekend. Football rules the sports landscape. The NFL is king. Break out the nachos and settle in for the 2014 season, right?

Go ahead, but Steve Almond, author of the profound, searching, occasionally squirm-inducing book Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto, won’t be joining. After four decades of being a devoted Oakland Raiders fan, the father of three is calling it quits.

Anyone who pays any attention to the NFL knows we’re not exactly running short on reasons it doesn’t deserve our time (or our money).* Yet the league maintains a stranglehold on its position at the center of American sports culture. I find it basically impossible to defend – “but fantasy football is so fun!” is an atrocious argument for supporting something so fundamentally rotten – but, like so many others, I just can’t bring myself to turn away. Steve Almond does us all a service by calling us on our hypocrisy.

* And as a homegrown fan of the Washington Football Team, I have an entire extra set of reasons to find the sport abhorrent.

Richard Sherman: DeSean Jackson and I can’t change where we’re from

I’m on the record as skeptical about whether Washington signing DeSean Jackson is a great idea, but I’ve been arguing since the day the Eagles cut him that the insane “gang ties” smear job he received was completely unfair. Good to see Richard Sherman, who knows something about being judged based on where/how you grew up, stand up for Jackson here.

Now let’s just hope for success on the field and an atypical-for-this-franchise lack of drama off the field.

When the Redskins made free agency splashes

As the great Dan Steinberg writes here, the idea that Washington should (let alone must) overpay for flashy free agents (and further mortgage their future in the hopes of ephemeral improvements) is laughable. I hope the team continues to disappoint the fans who cheered the signings of Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith (who I loved, for the record!), Albert “!%#$^” Haynesworth, and so many other big names whose poor performance and brutal salaries have hamstrung the team for over a decade. And I hope the rest of the free agency period plays out like day one, when the team’s biggest free agent signing was an offensive lineman I’ve never heard of.

For the record, I’ve probably cheered some of these dumb moves in the past, and every time another one happens I do my duty as a fan and talk myself into thinking maybe it’ll work out. Also, I loved Zorn (still kinda do). Also, I totally called Chris Cooley’s divorce!

Washington Redskins nickname: Why Slate will stop referring to the NFL team as the Redskins.

This is the last Slate article that will refer to the Washington NFL team as the Redskins.

Glad to see another media powerhouse adopting the house style. I suppose it’s probably too much to ask but it would be really great if Jeff Bezos decided to make his first act as owner of the Washington Post a memorable one.

Wizards will ‘probably not’ return to Bullets

Based on reader feedback, most D.C. sports fans are opposed to a Redskins name change, and most D.C. sports fans would support a Wizards name change.

In other words, everybody wants to change the Wizards’ name because it’s kind of dumb, but nobody wants to change the football team’s name even though it’s a horribly offensive racial slur. 

Makes sense.

Rename the Washington Redskins

I suspect Dave Zirin’s open letter won’t change the owner’s mind any more than the previous dozens/hundreds/thousands of statements on the topic, but he’s right nonetheless. It’s past time for Dan Snyder to start thinking about the legacy he’s leaving.