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The silver lining of getting beating 27-3

Well, they’re finally starting Campbell next week. Better late than never. Let’s hope that Gibbs leaves him in the starter’s spot for the rest of the year–it’s already a lost season, playoff-wise, so we might as well use the time to evaluate the guy.
Maybe now that Portis is injured we can get Duckett in there, too. You remember, the guy we traded a draft pick for last summer and haven’t put in a single game yet? It no longer matters for this year, of course, but we might as well see what he can do without Michael Vick to distract the defense.

We’re the best!

So the Redskins managed to screw up second-to-last and won one of the ugliest games in the NFL this season. Let’s not get distracted–we’re still awful. Our defense gave up approximately 87 first downs on third-and-long passes in which we managed to mount no pass rush yet leave receivers wide open. On our first drive, we had seven cracks at the goal line and couldn’t punch it in the end zone. Our temp kicker is clearly an emotional train wreck who can’t be trusted. We regularly gave up big returns on punts and kickoffs. We didn’t exactly put a lot of pressure on Romo, and he responded with a ton of big plays (should have been even more big plays, but T.O. is garbage). We rushed for barely any yards at all (and we ran worst when it was most important–that first drive I complained about above). Brunell had his usual half-decent follow-up to his equally usual terrible game. Don’t be fooled–we still need to throw Campbell into the fire ASAP.
On the plus side, our receivers are getting less terrible. Our defense was great on first and second downs. Randle-El had a few good kick returns. Novak eventually came through. Terrell Owens is a whiny little baby. We beat our hated rivals and salvaged a modicum of pride.

Anyway, it is nice to know that as much as the Redskins suck, the Cowboys are even worse. The finish to this game was insane–three tie-breaking kicks attempted in the last 30 seconds, with the actual winning kick about as repugnant a game-winner as I’ve ever seen. I thought Bill Parcells was going to cry in that post-game press conference.

Colts Win!

Whoops. Well, I guess I wasn’t totally right about the Bears winning.* I’m pretty disappointed, so I can only imagine how actual Bears fans must feel right now. Sorry guys. I’ve got to say, I’m feeling very lost and confused now that Peyton Manning has won it all. Especially when you consider that Vinatieri missed a short kick in an important game, the world makes a little less sense now.
It is pretty great how racism is finally over, though.

Anyway, the countdown to the first day of Redskins season has begun. I think Rocky McIntosh is just about ready to make The Leap.

* Devin Hester didn’t let me down, though.

This guy’s been coasting off “do you believe in miracles?” for decades.

If I hear Al Michaels call them the “New Orr-lee-uns Saints” one more time, I’m going to explode. What is wrong with this guy? New Orleans! NEW ORLEANS! This is America, not La France. Everyone knows how to pronounce New Orleans. NEW ORLEANS!
The Redskins are so frustrating. On every level–individual players, individual plays, individual games, whole seasons, multi-season rebuilding plans–they manage to throw huge heaps of money and effort at their problems without putting any serious consideration into coherent goals or consistency. We can’t put together a complete game against our mediocre opponents; how on earth are we supposed to compete for a championship? We deserve to be 4-9.

I’ll probably be more optimistic next weekend.

Chris Cooley: Regular Dude

I really enjoyed this interview between Dan “DC Sports Bog” Steinberg and Chris “Chris Cooley’s Official Blog” Cooley. It made me feel a bit bad for Fabini. Also, when Cooley mentioned that his blog gets ten or fifteen thousand hits a day, it made me feel a bit bad for myself.

If you don’t have time for the whole thing, you can just catch the highlights at this page.

Better lucky than good. Best good AND lucky, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Another fairly lucky win. The defense is playing great, refusing to give up a TD to a kinda mediocre offense, but I’m not quite sold on the offense yet. Oddly enough, the passing game looks pretty decent for once, but the line isn’t consistently bolstering the run with good blocks. Maybe because they keep getting injured.
At any rate, my personal hero Rocky McIntosh had another solid game. He rules.

Next week, we get to play a seriously demoralized Giants team. I’m starting to feel pretty good about this season (cue the season-ending injuries to Campbell and London Fletcher…).

In other news, what’s up with Britney Spears? I’m starting to think she doesn’t have her life in order.