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insert hilarious “gas” pun here

I don’t mean to be glib, but why am I supposed to be concerned by the increase in gas prices? McCain wants to get rid of the federal tax on gas for the summer, to keep the price down–does he not understand how economics works? All that does is shift the cost from gas buyers to everybody in the country. If we were talking about a public good, like, I dunno, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, it might make sense to distribute the burden among all citizens. But gas is a pollutant the use of which we’re trying to cut down on. I, for one, welcome anything that encourages the conservation of such a limited (and harmful) resource–including high prices.
I know that there are lots of people out there who can’t afford gas as it is, and who will be seriously hurt by further increases in fuel prices. But in the long run, we need to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels–and obscuring the true cost of gasoline only exacerbates the problem.

Short version of the above:

Why should my tax dollars be used to subsidize the cost of your gasoline? Tell you what–if gas is so important to you, YOU pay for it. I’ll just keep investing my money in bus passes and my own two feet.

I think we’re going to need a new term for this one.

Yes, that is “I Think I Need a New Heart,” by the Magnetic Fields, in a commercial for DOG FOOD. This has got to be a wry commentary on capitalism or something. Either that, or Stephin Merritt died and left his estate to Richard Milstein.