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You can’t make this stuff up, folks

MG Siegler:

Charles Cooper and Seth Rosenblatt:

Microsoft went through a blogger’s private Hotmail account in order to trace the identity of a source who allegedly leaked trade secrets.

Technically legal or not, this is absolutely insane. And awkward — here’s the copy from Microsoft’s “Scroogled” Gmail campaign: is different—we don’t go through your email to sell ads.

Nope, we just go through it to get information we need to use in lawsuits. You literally cannot make this up.

Wizards will ‘probably not’ return to Bullets

Based on reader feedback, most D.C. sports fans are opposed to a Redskins name change, and most D.C. sports fans would support a Wizards name change.

In other words, everybody wants to change the Wizards’ name because it’s kind of dumb, but nobody wants to change the football team’s name even though it’s a horribly offensive racial slur. 

Makes sense.

Things I’m Thankful For

Guys, seeing as it is the season for expressing gratitude for life’s wondrous bounty, I just wanted to take a moment to note the many things I appreciate about–no, just kidding. I wanted to talk about Twitter! Well, not just Twitter; more like short-form blogging etiquette. Specifically, the practice of linking to something without providing any context. For example, tweeting something like: I SIMPLY CANNOT.

Guys, this has to stop. My time is not terribly valuable but in the course of any given day I am bombarded with hundreds of opportunities to click on links. If I clicked on every link I saw on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and email, I would get even less done. So do me a favor and give me a hint about whether I should spend my 20 seconds on your link or on playing Skifree (see how I did that?).

Now, there are two exceptions to this, and as far as I’m concerned you need to satisfy both of these exceptions simultaneously:

  1. If I trust you implicitly to only use this linking method for sites that I am absolutely sure to value; and
  2. If you only omit the context for links in situations where there is dramatic, rhetorical, and/or comedic benefit to my being surprised by the link’s identity.

Note that (1) is a condition you are unlikely to meet with respect to most readers/followers, who may like you but probably wouldn’t even stake their Starbucks money on your abilities as an internet curator. And even if you’re arrogant enough to believe that most people think you’re great*, you still need to actually be great, or at least adequate, at linking with nuance and wit. This means you’ll have to know how to recognize and wield irony well. If you’re like most of the people in the world, this is not your strong suit. So just go ahead and tell me what you’re linking to, so I don’t have to write a stupid blog post about it while fighting the urge to pepper said blog post with examples of the behavior I am decrying.

* Note: of course you are arrogant enough to believe that most people think you’re great–we all think that. But, to be honest, you’re probably just okay.

it’s funny because it’s hilarious.

This site is so much better than Stuff White People Like. Not Hating Just Saying is a pretty simple concept–a bunch of things that suck, and a description of in what way they suck.
Highlight: Diet Dr Pepper.

Highlight #2: Hipsters. Now, this is really just another Stuff White People Like, but I found it funny and this is my blog so I don’t care if it’s hypocritical:

Here is a perfect example: thrift store clothes. The stuff you are buying (overpriced, I might add) from a thrift store(or vintage) was shit that was hot 20 years ago, but you rationalize it by saying “it’s ironic.” You just picked up the scraps of some guy who is now 30 but wore that stuff when he was 17…oh wait you are 30 also. High school hipsters I get, but old hipsters? There ain’t shit hip about a 45 year-old in skinny jeans. Why don’t you just go to the kids you hated in high school’s old houses and raid their childhood closets? That way you can wear the very clothes of those that were such “jerks” to you in high school. How is that shit for ironic?

That’s a certifiable hipster burn!

Anyway. I like that site. Thanks for linking it, Lauren (ps, might be time for you guys to get a new URL).

The Next Stephen Glass

Someone in my class at the journalism school asked if it would be okay to have her boyfriend give her answers for the take home exam. No, really. And when she was told that no, it wouldn’t be okay to have someone else do her work for her, she was seriously upset about it. The best part? The class is Media Law and Ethics.

Doing something is better than nothing.

Doing something is better than nothing.
Not sure whether it’s better to replace your gas-guzzler with a hybrid or a high-mileage hatchback? The important thing is not which one you choose, but just that you choose one, now.

It’s not clear what the best way to deal with the myriad of problems chronicled in Al Gore’s powerpoint presentation? Don’t spend years debating whether to incentivize reduced corporate polution or to just mandate it–just pick one and run with it.

There are so many options for keeping track of your schedule–Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar or a paper Moleskin? I think you guys know what I’m getting at here.

It’s so easy to find oneself paralyzed by the choices, and do nothing. I do it all the time. But most of the time

Um, that’s where I left off on writing this entry. On June 29, 2006.