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Last reminder

If you want to compete in my NCAA pool, you’ve got to put together a bracket here and then join the “calamityjake” group. It’s up to well over a dozen hardened competitors now.
And while we’re not on the subject, this Waiter Rant post shows exactly how annoying being a waiter can be.

Netflix currently in negotiations for another season of ‘Arrested Development’ – The Verge

Looks like we may just get more Arrested Development – I assume that they wouldn’t say anything publicly about negotiations if they weren’t pretty far along.

There had been talk about a potential movie follow-up to this latest fourth season as well, but the fact that Netflix is pursuing a full new season’s worth of episodes is even better news for Arrested Development fans — and a clear sign that Netflix was more than happy with the reaction the show received.

On the whole I was pretty happy with the fourth season, but I don’t necessarily agree that a hypothetical season 5 is even better news than a hypothetical movie. The actors’ limited availibility for the last season was a major obstacle – one that Mitch Hurwitz worked around as well as he could. I certainly think it was worth it, even if it led to a lot of greenscreen work and a lot of episodes without some of the main characters, but I don’t think it would work again. The whole point of the last season was to bring the characters back around to a situation where they were all together again (whether they like it or not) – the next chapter, if there is one, needs to actually follow through on that. So if the question is whether I prefer A) a movie shot with the entire cast on set; or B) a season shot the way the last season was shot, count me in for A).

But as I’m sure everyone involved knows, the best case scenario is a new season of the show shot the way the first three seasons were shot (albeit probably with fewer episodes and a smaller budget) – so let’s cross our fingers for that. 

Firefox 2.0 has been released!

And it is excellent. Download it here. If you’re worried about losing your stuff, be relieved by the info at this page:

Please note that installing Firefox 2 will overwrite your existing installation of Firefox. You won’t lose any of your bookmarks or browsing history, but some of your extensions and other add-ons might not work until updates for them are made available. Your copy of Firefox 2 will be automatically updated to the final release of Firefox 2 when it becomes available. [cont’d] When you install Firefox 2 all of your Extensions and Themes will be disabled until Firefox 2 determines that either a) they are compatible with the Firefox 2 release or b) there are newer versions available that are compatible.

So, to sum it up: go ahead and install it over your old version if you don’t want to reinstall everything manually. Or do what I did and install 2.0 in a new location on your hard drive, and just use Google Sync to keep your bookmarks updated. You did already have Google Sync installed, I hope?*
* Google Sync is a relatively simple way of keeping the same bookmarks on different computers. If you add/delete/change a bookmark on one browser, it’ll automatically be updated on all the other browsers you’ve installed Google Sync on. In addition, it can save all of your site cookies, passwords, and browsing history (you can pick all of these settings depending on your level of paranoia). Despite a few technological hiccups I give it two thumbs up.