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up? is down.

Headline: Bush Says Miers Shares His Judicial Philosophysubheader: At a Rose Garden news conference, president asserts that Miers is the most qualified Supreme Court nominee in the country.

Other statements from the president’s press conference:
“Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts is the oldest justice on the Court.”
“The Detroit Tigers were the best baseball team in the major leagues this season.”
“Light gray is the darkest hue.”
“The best way to lose weight is to eat buffalo wings and ice cream”*
“Honey is very salty.”
“Coldplay’s music is edgy, powerful, and not in any way derivative.”
“I’m a pretty princess!”

* Um, wait, is that the Atkins diet?

Maybe if they brought back Sam.

This review of the live West Wing debate last night is hilariously biased (MSNBC and NBC are not entirely unconnected). Anyway, if you read the review and didn’t see the actual show you might think that it was entertaining, insightful, and went extremely smoothly. In truth, it was dorky, awkward, and filled with minorly-flubbed lines that indicate why live TV drama is the ratings-gimmick exception rather than the rule. I’m much more in line with this review from the Washington Post, which declares the episode “a failure, yet not a complete waste of time.”
Other thoughts: Where the hell was Josh–is it even slightly plausible that the campaign manager wouldn’t be at his candidate’s only debate? Alan Alda is a better live actor than Jimmy Smits, but for some reason Smits got the best dialogue. Oh wait, I know why–because the writers of the West Wing have given up on the idea of portraying a GOP candidate as other than a big jerk. How the hell is Alda supposed to sell his baby-killing anti-health care platform? Especially when they inexplicably stacked the audience with raucous democrats?

That reminds me of a huge Daily Show pet peeve–why don’t they tell the audience to shut up already? It’s pitiful to hear these sycophants mindlessly applaud John Stewart’s pedestrian statements and jeer even intelligent points made by right wing idealogues. I know it’s supposed to be a joke, but I think political humor works a lot better when it’s not fueled by unthinking partisan dogma.

I’m having trouble deciding whether I want West Wing to die peacefully or take another shot at relevance. This debate didn’t exactly encourage me of the show’s chances of the latter.