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This guy’s been coasting off “do you believe in miracles?” for decades.

If I hear Al Michaels call them the “New Orr-lee-uns Saints” one more time, I’m going to explode. What is wrong with this guy? New Orleans! NEW ORLEANS! This is America, not La France. Everyone knows how to pronounce New Orleans. NEW ORLEANS!
The Redskins are so frustrating. On every level–individual players, individual plays, individual games, whole seasons, multi-season rebuilding plans–they manage to throw huge heaps of money and effort at their problems without putting any serious consideration into coherent goals or consistency. We can’t put together a complete game against our mediocre opponents; how on earth are we supposed to compete for a championship? We deserve to be 4-9.

I’ll probably be more optimistic next weekend.

How to block ESPN Motion (that obnoxious video that automatically plays whenever you visit*

  • First, you need to be using Firefox. Please, if you’re using a PC… just use Firefox. I’m willing to entertain arguments for Safari, but to be using Microsoft Internet Explorer at this point is just… wrong. Objectively wrong. Don’t do it.
  • Next, install the Adblock extension the Adblock Plus extension (which you should really be using anyway). Adblock, well, blocks ads online. It comes with a huge list of automatically-blocked ads, which is neat, but the great thing about it is that you can manually add other ads to the list. Like, I don’t know… the ESPN Motion video that starts whenever you visit
  • Next (after you restart Firefox to activate the Adblock extension), click on “Tools” in the menu bar. Then click on “Add-ons.”
  • Highlight Adblock and click on the “Options” button.
  • In the “New Filter” box, enter this:*
  • Click “Done.”

And that’s it. No more stupid videos advertising “Who’s Now” or WNBA broadcasts or Steven A. Smith’s newest show, “Spittin’ Mad With Steven A. (Brought to You by Cheetos)”. Enjoy.

* ESPN, you really need to find a way to turn this off by default. Everyone hates it. Most of us visit your site from work, you know? We can’t have this nonsense.

Gilbert Arenas is a complicated man.

This week, Mike Wise of the Washington Post wrote a great two-part profile of the Washington Wizards’ star point guard, Gilbert Arenas. A veteran player at the ripe old age of 24, he’s long been one of the most eccentric guys in the NBA. Wise went beyond the now-clich├ęd stories of his basketball quirkiness and explored his personal life, past and present, and put together a compelling depiction of a real and troubled guy who’s worked his ass off to get where he is–successful and famous and highly-respected–but with skeletons in his closet that he will never fully escape. I wrote earlier this week that there’s some great sports writing being published right now, and this absolutely belongs in that category.

Colts Win!

Whoops. Well, I guess I wasn’t totally right about the Bears winning.* I’m pretty disappointed, so I can only imagine how actual Bears fans must feel right now. Sorry guys. I’ve got to say, I’m feeling very lost and confused now that Peyton Manning has won it all. Especially when you consider that Vinatieri missed a short kick in an important game, the world makes a little less sense now.
It is pretty great how racism is finally over, though.

Anyway, the countdown to the first day of Redskins season has begun. I think Rocky McIntosh is just about ready to make The Leap.

* Devin Hester didn’t let me down, though.