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Roger Goodell calls an audible on the Washington Redskins name

The Washington Post’s editorial board weighs in on the side of progress and simple human decency: 

We hope, too, that Mr. Snyder finally understands that the team’s name — no matter its storied tradition or importance to many fans — is a racial slur of Native Americans so offensive that it should no longer be tolerated.

Good news.

Washington Redskins nickname: Why Slate will stop referring to the NFL team as the Redskins.

This is the last Slate article that will refer to the Washington NFL team as the Redskins.

Glad to see another media powerhouse adopting the en-dash.com house style. I suppose it’s probably too much to ask but it would be really great if Jeff Bezos decided to make his first act as owner of the Washington Post a memorable one.

Alex Rodriguez To Be Suspended, Start For The Yankees Anyway

Happy A-Rod Christmas, everyone! If everything proceeds as expected, around noon today Major League Baseball will announce that Alex Rodriguez is suspended through the end of the 2014 season. Then, just a few hours later, Alex Rodriguez will make his season debut for the Yankees.

Deadspin has been covering this bizarre, hilarious story with aplomb.  It’s kind of fun to follow a story where everyone involved is villainous because no matter how it turns out you can enjoy the schadenfreude.

Wizards will ‘probably not’ return to Bullets

Based on reader feedback, most D.C. sports fans are opposed to a Redskins name change, and most D.C. sports fans would support a Wizards name change.

In other words, everybody wants to change the Wizards’ name because it’s kind of dumb, but nobody wants to change the football team’s name even though it’s a horribly offensive racial slur. 

Makes sense.

Rename the Washington Redskins

I suspect Dave Zirin’s open letter won’t change the owner’s mind any more than the previous dozens/hundreds/thousands of statements on the topic, but he’s right nonetheless. It’s past time for Dan Snyder to start thinking about the legacy he’s leaving.

The Racist Redskins – The Daily Beast

You’ve been reading about this name lately. More and more people are calling for the team to change it. There is legislation in Congress, based on the fact that under trademark legislation passed in 1946, a corporate “mark” can’t be disparaging of a people or group. Snyder says he’ll change the name approximately never (“and you can put that in all caps”). Most Americans, and most Redskins fans, agree with him. But all that shows is that those Americans and fans don’t know the history. Snyder, presumably, does. He should be ashamed.

This one pretty much says it all. Change the name. 

Introducing A T-Shirt Celebrating The Washington ‘Football Team’

I’m not going to conduct a poll about it, and I’m not going to target-question American Indians, but I will venture to say some Washington football fans are uncomfortable with the team’s name. I know because I’m one of them.
So we partnered with Sneeki’s Tees, which designs awesome D.C. sports stuff, to make a T-shirt that a progressive Redskins fan can wear without having a racial slur across his/her chest. Consider it an act of silent, wearable protest. Plus, it’s pretty good-looking shirt.

I love this shirt and bought one immediately. If you’re a fan of DC football but not a fan of using a racial slur as a team name, you should buy one too.

As an aside, maybe the team should change the name to “Football Team”. There might be some trademark issues but “DCFT” has a nice ring to it, right? And we’d already have these sweet shirts.